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5 Big Job-Search Mistakes You Won’t Even Know You’re Making

Looking for a new role in optics or audiology, but finding the process more challenging than expected? Well, these are five blunders we think a lot of optical and audiology professionals unwittingly make when looking for a new role - and how to not make them again.

talentshed | 5 job search mistakes you won't know you're making

In the dynamic world of optical and audiology careers, navigating through endless applications, vague job descriptions, and the maze of online job boards can feel overwhelming – like searching for a needle in a haystack. But what if there was a way to transform this journey from daunting to empowering?

Take back control of your job search by checking out these 5 common job-hunting mistakes and how to avoid them:


1. limiting your search to online job boards

Many fall into this trap – and who can blame them? It seems like the most logical place to start, but it’s not always the most effective. Even if you forget the time trawling through adverts (and the fact you’re up against a sea of other candidates doing the same), a lot of the best roles in the industry never even make it onto a job board. But how does that work?

Well, at talentshed, we often arrange interviews with brands when they aren’t actively recruiting. We approach businesses on your behalf based on whether they can deliver what you are looking for, not just if they have a vacancy. Thanks to many years in the industry, we have an extensive network of multiples, independents, and niche clinical establishments – and, often, they recognise great talent and are open to building a new role around you.


2. not learning enough about a store’s culture

Almost everyone we speak to says that workplace culture is important to them, but (strangely) it’s also a really common oversight when job hunting. However, beyond looking online and asking about it in your interview, what more can you really do? How can you ensure you’re joining a business with a culture that aligns with your own?

At talentshed, we believe that culture fit is one of the most important factors in finding a new role. It's why we delve deep into understanding our clients and the sort of stores they run. We ask the important questions, so you don't have to. To us, finding you a new role is about more than money or progression – it's also about finding a business that truly resonates with you. We're committed to finding you a role that's not just a great career move, but also a perfect cultural fit.


3. not tailoring your job applications

We all know we should be doing this to make sure our applications stand out, but we can see why it rarely happens. When you’re constantly applying to jobs, personalising every single one can become time-consuming - but it's crucial for success.

That’s why we always tailor our approach when representing you to a business. Our relationships with brands and deep industry knowledge mean we can discuss your application in a way that aligns with what they're looking for, giving you the best chance of landing an interview (and saving you a tonne of time and hard work).


4. not enough interview prep

Everyone prepares for their interviews as much as they can (we hope). It's one thing to prepare, but another thing entirely to truly understand who you're meeting and what they’re likely to ask you – and that’s the level of preparation we provide when you work with us.

We give you the inside track, offering expert advice and insights when it comes to interview stage. Thus, significantly increasing your confidence (and your chances of nailing the interview)!


5. not getting help from talentshed

Now this might seem like a shameless plug, but we firmly believe it. Working with us not only makes the whole process so much easier, it also vastly improves your chances of landing a job that aligns with your career aspirations.

We’re different to any other recruitment business in the industry. We don't just find you a job; we launch you onto a career trajectory that resonates with your personal and professional goals. We genuinely care about finding the right job for you, and put your needs first at every stage of the process.


In summary, gone are the days of the traditional, transactional job search. Succeeding in today’s job market is all about getting ahead of the curve, standing out from the crowd and finding something that truly aligns with your goals and values.

This might feel overwhelming to do alone, but you don’t have to. With talentshed, we get to know you, recognise your unique aspirations, then go out and find it. We tailor our approach to ensure the roles we recommend are not just jobs, but catalysts for growth and success. Then, we help you navigate every stage of your journey, giving you the best chance of success.


ready to revolutionise your job search in optics and audiology?

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