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White Gradient

traditional recruitment is dead.

The education industry didn’t need just another recruitment business, it needed something different. So we made talentshed. 

Recr is Dead


You spend over 35% of your waking hours at work – working hard to achieve, develop, be rewarded and ultimately, enjoy your job.

Our job? Helping teaching professionals find (and land) work that does all of the above. And we do it by putting you and your needs first.

Talk to us about what would make that place you spend a third of your life even better, and we’ll help you find it.


We know that everyone says they're "different" these days, but we genuinely are.


Our model isn't like anything else in the industry. To keep it simple we call ourselves a teaching & education recruitment business, but the truth is we’re a recruitment, marketing and technology business all rolled into one. We offer a range of solutions, including agency services and innovative recruitment marketing campaigns that take your employer brand messages directly to the people you want to hear them.

how are we different?

We’re trying to make a real step-change in the world of recruitment. Ultimately, our job is to find the best jobs for our candidates and the best talent for our clients. When you put it like that it sounds simple, but in today’s era of digitalisation and shift in the relationship between recruitment and marketing, sticking to traditional recruitment techniques alone no longer cuts it. We’re shaking off the old stereotypes and leading the way to change the face of recruitment across teaching & education.

putting the talent in talentshed.

Explore recruitment (and marketing) careers at talentshed.

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Lead Education Recruitment Partner



Founding &

Managing Director

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