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Four Award Nominations?! Talentshed's Triumph in 2023

Some exciting news to share – talentshed has been nominated for not one, not two, but FOUR prestigious awards in 2023. After navigating a rigorous judging process, we're thrilled to announce our presence in the finals of two distinguished award ceremonies.

First off, we've secured nominations at the Recruiter Awards 2023. This event holds a prominent place in the recruitment industry, and we're honoured to be part of it. Our categories include 'Recruitment Agency of the Year' and 'Best Recruitment Agency Marketing Team.' It's a reminder that even in this tough industry, we're not just surviving – we're thriving, competing against some of the UK's top companies.

But that's not all! talentshed is also in the spotlight at the APSCo Awards for Excellence. We're delighted to announce our nomination for the much-coveted 'Recruitment Company of the Year' award. Additionally, our remarkable marketing team has made it to the final three for the 'Support Service Team of the Year' award.

These awards are fiercely competitive, with numerous outstanding recruitment companies vying for recognition. Our gratitude extends to the discerning judges at APSCo for acknowledging our success and the immense efforts of our dedicated recruitment and marketing teams over the past year. Being shortlisted is a clear indicator that hard work and dedication can yield impressive results – or at least get you to the finals!

Now we're London-bound at the end of September for both award ceremonies. These events are scheduled on two consecutive days, adding a touch of logistical humour to our journey. In just three weeks' time, we'll be in the heart of the capital, aiming to return with a few well-deserved awards.

So, as we gear up for these exciting ceremonies, we're ask you to keep your fingers crossed for us, and rest assured, we'll keep you updated on how we fare.

Stay tuned for the results, and thank you for being a part of talentshed's journey!


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