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Talentshed Takes London - Summer Party 2023

It's that time of year again... here's a recap of the talentshed Summer Party 2023 - London Edition.

The talentshed team at Fairgame
Top L-R: Jake, Tom E, Ben, Tom B, Jack, Bel, Bethany, Rob, Conan, Chloe, Zach | Bottom L-R: Jenny, Polly, Marc, Josh

We decided it was time to take a breather from our usual grind and enjoy a day of well-deserved fun and celebration, so took the team up to the big smoke for a change of scenery.

Fairgame Adventures

The day kicked off at Fairgame where we indulged in a few hours of futuristic fairground games, street food, cocktails and sweet treats. The competition was fierce, but Zach emerged as the day's champion and the proud new owner of his prize, Candy, the giant teddy bear.

Dinner at Dishoom Shoreditch

We then made our way to Dishoom Shoreditch for dinner. Everyone agreed it was a feast to be remembered with a huge variety of amazing dishes - and plenty of delicious drinks, of course.

And the Rest is History

Bellies full, we hit the town. Plenty of dancing - including a very impressive Worm from Marc - went heavily documented and shared in the group chat the next day, ensuring the memories wouldn't fade (and people could have a lasting reminder of their escapades).

As we reflect on the fantastic day and night we had, we can't help but wonder how on earth we'll top it next year. It truly couldn't have been better.

This celebration was a well-deserved break for our hardworking team, without whom, the event wouldn't have been possible. Here's to more success, more adventures, and more impressive dance moves.


Check out the full recap video here:


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